The Australian National University
Emeritus Faculty Member


Activities Since Retirement

  • Published a book with Patricia Bygrave “Growing Australian Red Cedar and Other Meliaceae Species in Plantation”
  • Lectured to students and continuing collaboration with colleagues at the Medical School, University of Siena, Italy
  • Lecture to ANU graduate students on how to write, speak and think about research
  • Continuing maintenance of our unique Red Cedar plantation on the Mid-North Coast of NSW
  • Continuing overseas and domestic travel

Curriculum Vitae

Born: Cambridge, New Zealand, 31 May 1937

Primary Schooling: Boys Grammar, Suva , Fiji

Secondary Schooling: Boys High School, New Plymouth , New Zealand

Academic Qualifications:

BSc (NZ): 1960

MSc (Otago): 1962

PhD (Q’land): 1965

DSc (ANU): 1978

DSc (Otago): 1996


Main Research Interests:


Role of calcium ions in the regulation of cellular metabolism


Control by hormones of intracellular calcium ions


Research on establishing plantations of the valuable timber tree Toona ciliata (Australian Red Cedar)


Appointments in the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science:


One of the founding appointees to the Department

1968 - 1969:


1969 - 1975:

Senior Lecturer

1973 - 1975:

Acting Departmental Head

1975 – 1996





Other University Positions:

1982 - 1984:

Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science

1987 - 1992:

Dean of Students

1999 - 2000:

Dean of the Faculty of Science


Administrative Activities in the ANU:

Acting Head of the Department of Biochemistry (1973-1974, 1978)

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science (1982-1984)

Dean of Students (1987-1992)

Dean of the Faculty of Science (1999 -2000)

Member of the Steering Committee of the Board

Member of the Resources Committee of the Board

Chair of the Faculties Research Grants Committee


Overseas Research Positions Held:

1964 – 1966:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Department of Physiological Chemistry,Baltimore, USA.

1966 – 1968:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Institute for Physiological Chemistry, Munich, Germany.

Since 1975:

Visiting Scientist or Professor at numerous Research Institutes or Universities around the world:, Cambridge, Basel, Nashville, Dundee, Norwich, Siena, Italy


General/Other Scientific Activities:

ACT representative on the National Council of the Australian Biochemical Society (1972-1974)

Member of the National Health and Medical Research Council Research Grants Committee (1979-1989)

Member of the National Health and Medical Research Council Program Grant Interviewing Committee (1986-1988)

Member of the Medical Research Council of New Zealand Grant Awarding Committee (1994)

Secretary-General of the Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists (1980-1987)

Member of the International Cell Research Organisation Panel on Structure, Function and Regulation (since 1992)

Founding committee member to establish the National Science Summer School (1983) and member of student selection panels (1984-1988)

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Biochemical Journal

Member of the Editorial Board of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Reviews

Founding Member of the Editorial Board of Cell Calcium

Reviewer for the National Science Foundation (USA), the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia and of New Zealand, the Australian Cancer Society, the National Heart Foundation

Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary)


Invited Addresses at International Meetings

Numerous lectures and seminars on my work given at various Research Centres and Universities in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the United States


Teaching Activities

Lecturer to undergraduate students for over 30 years and supervisor (research) of numerous honours and doctoral students


Published works

Total of 164 comprising -

4 theses - 1 Masters, 1 Doctor of Philosophy, 2 Doctors of Science

135 original articles in refereed journals

15 reviews

12 invited chapters in books

1 book - “Growing Australian Red Cedar and Other Meliaceae Species in Plantation”


Other interests/activities

With wife Tricia, development of a ‘rainforest’ on the Mid-North Coast of NSW with special interest in growing plantations of Toona ciliata (Australian Red Cedar)

Custodian of 52 acres on the Mid-North Coast of NSW

Cabinet making and related

Travel to out-of-way places of interest