The Australian National University
Emeritus Faculty Member

Graham Connah


Main publications since retiring in 1995

Kibiro: The salt of Bunyoro, past and present [about the archaeology and ethnography of western Uganda], British Institute in Eastern Africa, London, 1996.

The cultural and chronological context of Kibiro, Uganda. African Archaeological Review (Plenum Publishing Corporation, New York) 14(1): 25–67, 1997.

Transformations in Africa: Essays on Africa’s later past, Leicester University Press, 1998, (Editor).

The archaeology of frustrated ambition: An Australian case-study. Historical Archaeology 32(2): 7–27, 1998.

Contained communities in tropical Africa. In Tracy, J.D. (ed.) City walls: The urban enceinte in global perspective. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 19–45, 2000.

African civilizations: An archaeological perspective. Second Edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp.340, figs 75, 2001.

Forgotten Africa:  An introduction to its archaeology.  Routledge,  2004.  Also available in German (2006), French (2008), Italian (2009), and (shortly) Portuguese editions.

The same under a different sky? A country estate in nineteenth-century New South Wales, British Archaeological Reports, International Series 1625, 2007.

Chapter 10. Holocene Africa. In Scarre, C. (ed.) The human past: World prehistory & the development of human societies. 2nd Edition, Thames and Hudson, London, pp. 350–391, 2009.

Writing about archaeology. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2010, xiii + 210 pages, 31 figures, ISBN 978-0-521-86850-1 (Hardback) ISBN 978-0-521-68851-2 (Paperback), 2010.

Prelude: Growing up in the middle of the Twentieth Century. Privately published, Canberra, 2011, ISBN 978-0-646-56855-3, 133 pages, 95 figures. A personal memoir.

For some personal details see: Retrospect. Antiquity 80: 173–184, 2006.