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Emeritus Faculty Member

Paul Coker

Paul is a Portfolio Manager with Indigenous Business Australia. He is a director of several medium and large unlisted Australian companies including Ngarda Civil and Mining Pty Ltd and Carpentaria Shipping Services Pty Ltd.

Paul is also the Principal of Coker Coaching & Facilitation, a Canberra-based firm that specialises in the delivery of customised coaching and mentoring to high growth businesses. In all, Paul has more than 20 years experience in business and industry facilitation and development.

Previous roles include Executive Officer of Indigenous Business Australia; six years as Manager of the Canberra Business Advisory Service and General Manager of Something Ventured Pty Ltd; Executive Officer of the Capital Region Employment Council (now Regional Development Australia); and Deputy Executive Officer and Industry Development Manager for the Australian Capital Region Development Council (now Regional Development Australia). Before working in the business and industry facilitation and development field, Paul was a Mineral Economist/Commodity Specialist with the Bureau of Mineral Resources (now Geoscience Australia) and prior to this he was an exploration geologist, working for the private sector throughout Australasia.

Paul is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the ANU Emeritus Faculty.

Paul's formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science (Geology); Graduate Diploma in Management; as well as a Cert IV in Business Facilitation. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Paul has vast experience in business and industry development generally, and facilitation and coaching in particular. He has a strong empathetic and empowering style, and is very focused on obtaining meaningful results. He is particularly attuned to the needs of growth businesses, including strategic business planning and action implementation.

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Corporate Governance, Industry Development, Business Development, Business Facilitation, Business Coaching